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Weddings in Woodinville

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Weddings in Woodinville

Since 2009, Jacky Grotle/Event Success has served on the Board of Directors of Weddings in Woodinville.  This unique wedding show has been a pioneer in the industry.  Participants all start in one location and then are transported in luxury vehicles to 6-8 winery/hotel/venues located all within a few miles of each other.  Each venue is lead by a wedding planner who creates a theme and then invites the top greater Seattle vendors of their choosing to create their look & feel.  Each venue has lavish décor, vendors to meet, food/wine tasting and entertainment.  "This is a great way to experience the product or service first hand for our clients" says Jacky. "We were looking for a way to create a fun day and experience for people outside the traditional convention center." This experience of a boutique showcase with high end vendors makes for a great experience and a fun day but always sells out so be sure to get your tickets early for this annual event usually hosted in late January.